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Anima Sola is going to take me to Hell!🔥

Will working with the Anima Sola put me in Purgatory or Hell? I get asked this question on a daily bases. But why? Why do many believe that being a devotee or working with the Anima Sola will put you in Purgatory, Hell, or even in her place (yes I have heard that some say that you will replace her in her torment/prison).

Let me put your mind at ease and tell you NO! If you work or are a devotee of the Anima Sola you are not going to Hell, Purgatory, or replace her.

It is sad for me to even hear that there are spiritual people out here that are demonizing this spiritual practice. People who call themselves experienced spiritualist or espiritistas. But I am here to make some very valid points and clear this misunderstanding and lack of knowledge.

Yes I have to because The Anima Sola and The Animas Benditas Del Purgatorio don't deserve it. They are been misrepresented and demonized to much. This miraculous spirit does not deserve that shade.

Let us start that as Devotees, Mediums, or Espiritistas that work with the Anima Sola on a more Latin Folk approach. We dont follow the entire beliefs of the Román Catholic church. Just because we have saints on our altars does not mean we follow the rules of the Román Catholic church. Yes we do believe in God (Supreme Intelligence), Jesús (The Teacher and Example) and the Holy Spirit (Spiritual Current or Divine Inspiration). But we also follow our Spiritist ways and have an understanding of the Commisiones and the roles they play in our development and lives. The Animas are spirits of light but play a really important part in our spiritual frame or Cuadro Espiritual. They are here to teach us how to overcome our own personal obstacles that we face on a daily bases. From bad break ups, to feeling lost, addictions, depression, illness and so much more. The Comisión or La Commision of the Animas gain light by assisting us and guide us out of our own mental prison and liberate us from our own Purgatory. In many schools of Espiritismo the concept of Purgatory is not the one in some hell fire but one we experience here in this existence. Guess what? Even those who pass away also experience that here in this existence right along side with us. Purgatory is not some place but a state of mind and understanding. Shoot of we are gonna say that we all are gonna replace the Anima in Purgatory....lets not forget that all Catholics have to go to Purgatory before they enter even if you do or don't ask her for favors. You are gonna Purge my friend (according to the church).

Now if you are an Espiritista and say things like that. That has to much Catholic Influence in your teaching and goes against the belief in reincarnation and the Law of progress in Espiritismo.

In the beginning of the Román Catholic church the concept of Purgatory didn't exist. It's not even in the bible. It was only Heaven and Hell. But then Purgatory was incorporated. It was a way for the church to basically offer a way for the families of the deceased to pay the way for the salvation of the family member who passed away. Yes the church did and still makes money from Purgatory. By holding masses and making there time short Purgatory. Making Purgatory a place where the soul can purge before entering the kingdom of God.

Espiritistas broke it down in there understanding. You can read this in more further detail in the book of Allan Kardec called Heaven and Hell.

Now this concept reached Espiritismo In Latin America and the Espiritistas understood this as well and apllied it to there style of Espiritismo as a symbol for a commsion of spirits who are here to work side by side the Medium. Helping those break out of there personal Purgatory and bringing light and progress to each ones incarnated spirit.

The Espiritistas or Animeros like myself see the issue, read on it, diagnose, and give a receta. This is how Animeros or Devotees work with the Anima Sola. But the Anima Sola isn't just one. There are many. Some work for good and some work for bad, some do both. But if you do work with the Anima Sola and she gives you results, you don't take her place. The only one who can take her out of her place is God. If you do love work and are binding others, you won't take her place but you can remain in a mental torment or a personal purgatory.

So basically you cannot replace the Anima Sola or end up in a form of Purgatory. So if so called Espiritistas and are saying these things about the Anima Sola you can rest assume they know nothing of her or don't even hold a devotion to her.

My Centro Espiritual is dedicated to her because I had this mission given to me by the Anima Sola herself and my Maestra in Espiritismo.

So once again No you are not going to hell because the Anima is NOT in he'll and two you will not take her place or any of there place if you ask them for favors or are a devotee.

Thank you for taking time to read this Blog.

Hope you have an amazing week.

Yamil from Purgatory Magic.






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