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🤑Money Magic🤑

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

In this blog I want to write some basic techniques to get your money magic going. I did a live on money magic on my Instagram page @purgatory_magic and lots of people asked me to break it down into here it goes. Lol.

There many ways to go about money magic but to me and what has worked for me are these three basic steps. If you apply these three basic will be thanking me later.

The Mind Set:

To do any type of Money Magic you have to have the right mind set. You cannot approach spirits with a mindset that is the opposite to what you want the Abundant Mindset. This means that if you are gonna light a candle, lamp, take a spiritual bath to bring in that money, abundance, prosperity and stability in, you can't hope to want have to be certain that it is already yours. I am going to quote myself. I don't believe in hope, I believe In certainty when it comes to magic. There cannot be anyroom for doubt in the mind of the spiritual worker. It is done. You have to become abundant in your mind, body and spirit. That means looking abundant to attract abundance, feeling abundant, speaking abundance, praying for abundance, and thinking abundant. Start treating yourself with more care. Get your haircuts, do your nails more, buy nice clothes...the key is to decorate yourself in that vibe to attract abundance. Abundant energy calls abundant energy. It's all about you. Remember that. Surrounded yourself around abundance. Make sure your environment is abundant as well...that means the company you keep, the places you visit, and the place you send the most time.

The bath:

You can take a good bath with these 3 herbs:

Fresh Abre Camino

Fresh Basil

Fresh Mint

These three plants bring money and prosperity. Make sure you are doing your block buster rituals, jinx, and brujeria removals. You can get a bowl and place all these three herbs in a bowl and some water. Crush the herbs with your hands until the water turns green. Don't be scared to get your hands dirty. Pray to your spirits to bring all that money and abundance in your life. Tell then to open your doors and roads. Put some pompeii or florida water in the bath. Be sure ti add honey as well so that all the blessing stick on to you. To bring light and sweetness. You can place this in your tub or pour it over you. After this bath air dry as much as possible. This bath is good when done Mondays or Thursdays.

Candle Work or Lamps:

Write your petition on a dollar bill with over the presidents face. You can use pen or pencil. Place this dollar Bill inside a glass bowl or a glass cup that is thick.

You can also get the three herbs I mentioned above dry (The Basil, abre camino, and mint). Place this inside the clear glass bowl and add olive oil. You can get a cotton wick or a floating wick like they use for the menorah. Light the lamp and always remember to pray to your spirit. I do this work on Monday because it is the day of the Anima Sola.

Anima sola works very well with money magic. She brings back that which has been lost and brings it ten fold. She is good to remove obstacles. Also working with Juan El Minero is good because he is good for abundance as well.

Getting readings are very important because if there is a block or brujeria that has been done to create blockages for you the reader can give you receta to remove the obstacle.

I hope you enjoyed the info here. Remember to share the info if it can help anyone who may need it.

Yamil Henriquez

Purgatory Magic

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