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May is here and May brings May water!!!! Woo hooo!

1st rain of May! Is a Latin American tradition where we collect the first rain of this month . This is a tradition that is practiced all over Latin America. This water is said to be holier than holy water. Agua de Mayo is said to have miraculous properties. From personal experience I have seen this water heal illnesses that were uncurable by modern medicine. It is tradition in Latin America to go outside and bathe in this water, Wash your eyes, and drink some of the water to bring blessings and good health. It is also used in many ATR traditions to enhance protections and make baths stronger. It is also said to inhale clairvoyance and mediumship abilities. Soooo take those buckets, jugs, and bottles out and save some of that water.

Many Animeros fill a nice glass of May water and offer it to the Anima Sola. This is the water that truly quenches her thirst. It is an amazing offering (LITTLE SECRET)...LOL.

Thank youbfor reading may everyone have a blessed week.

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