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🧲Magnetize Yourself🧲

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Magnitizing is a practice that has really influenced a lot of Latin American Espiritismo, Brujeria, and other expressions of Latin American Spiritiality.

Why Magnetize?

Magnitizing yourself is an amazing practice. It is one of the best forms of staying in alignment and cleansing yourself. It is considered on of the best ways to transform yourself as well. Many brujo/as magnetize themselves to keep the spiritual current and connection between them and there spirits strong. The way we magnetize ourselves in out traditions are applied in many ways and have many techniques. From charging and preparing yourself and setting intentions, to magnitizing other items and places.

The use:

This explanation is a break down how it was taught to me by various teachers. I adopted each technique and created my own style. With this technique the first thing I do is do a prayer to the Creator, that Universal Intelligence that governs over everything. I give it gratitude and do a display of hand gestures. People will say of these are mudras. You could say that, but we call them passes Espirituales / Transmisisiones or spiritual passes or spiritual transmissions (I will go in further details about Pases Espirituales in a further blog/video).

When magnitizing I personally like to use a technique that represents the 4 elemenets. The reason I use this is because these 4 elements are make up of who we are in this physical and spiritual plane. I use a combination of visualizations calling the Tetagramatron as well. This not only brings the current that I am pulling towards me but it protects me at the same time.

Magnitizing also brings transformation and heals. When we magnetize ourselves or objects, we can feel and see the change. Many brujo/as magnetize and put the magnitizing to the test. Some like to use pendulums others can see the magnitizing with there own eyes. The shift is seen and felt.

Many practitioners like to magnetize there bottles of waters so there body is magnetized from the inside and out.

I will keep sharing and writting about the subject. Many people have a different approach to this subject. This is the approach I was taught and it has worked those who I have taught.

Thank you for taking time to read this blog. Be on the look out for new YouTube videos coming soon especially on this topic. I will demonstrate how to magnetize your self.

Youtube link for Magnitizing Your Glass of water:

Animero Yamil Henriquez

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