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Is Anima Sola calling you?

Hello everyone I hope you are blessed and having an amazing week.

I wanted to write this topic because I feel it is very important. Many ask me. How do I know the Anima Sola is calling me?

I am going to share my experiences and others experiences who have been called by the Anima Sola and have began this devotion when they found out the Anima Sola is a part of there spiritual court. I am going share 5 basic signs to give you some understanding that the Anima Sola is calling you.


This is the one that really got me as a kid. I remember the first time I ever saw the picture of the Anima Sola. I fell in love with her image. After that experience I couldn't stop seeing her image everywhere. With time it gets more intense. She is really good at reminding you that she is around. The Anima Sola like to be noticed and loves to remind keep that in mind. Another way the Anima Sola calls us is by dreams and visions. She will come to us and make her apperance as a women like you see in the pictures or as a being in complete fire. She will also come as a being of white light as well. The Anima Sola will come to us as people who approach us who can seem a bit off but have a profund message. I have had this happen to me countless of time with her. Especially people who automatically get signed off or outcasted for having mental problems or homeless.


Scents are very important when knowing the Anima Sola is calling you to her. When I was a kid I was always paranoid that the house was always on fire. My elders in the beginning would notice my patterns of always having this fear and screaming...🔥FIRE!!!!🔥. They would ask me what would I experience and I told them I smelled wood burning in my home. A Espiritista who later became my teacher told my elders that the Anima Sola was in my home around me. So my elders started placing water offerings to the Anima Sola to quench her thirst and to cool her down. Another way she lets you know she is calling you is smelling lots of Orange Blossom or Oranges as well. With time I would smell other Scents like cigar, sandalwood or myrr. The Anima Sola let's you know she is around or is calling you tp her by using your 5 senses... so keep this in mind. This is why one of her important numbers is 5.


The Anima Sola let's us know she is calling us by touching us or feeling her. When we feel the her touch it can be very hot. When I started my daily meditation with her. She always would touch me on my shoulder and it would get really hot. To the point that you could see a red hand print on the same spot I would feel the heat. You will also feel the room tempeture change. It will get extremely hot even if the A/C is on.


The Anima Sola is really good at letting us know when she is calling us or wants our attention by allowing herself to be heard. This happens for many reasons but it really depends on the situation. At times you will hear faint or distant crying out of no where. Another thing you will hear is her chackles clinging or dragging. Another sign is hearing the fire alarms going off. This has happend to me countless of times. Usually when she does this she is warning me that a spirit is trying to make it's way in my home or witchcraft is being thrown at me.


Those who are devotees of the Anima Sola know what I am talking about when I speak on this. When the Anima Sola is calling you she will make you feel her thirst.....and I mean you get thirsty as heck. In the beginning I thought it was just me having health issues but later on it was confirmed that is was her when she is around me or wants my attention. I always have bottles of water around me for this particular reason. This why in all my lives I am always drinking water. Also there are foods that the Anima Sola likes and she will let her Devotees know that she wants from them. This usually happens when something was promised to her or for specific work. Remember everyone has a different relationship with her.

These are my five signs that the Anima Sola is calling us to come to her and wants us to start developing a relationship with her. For more clarity you can book a platica with me and I channel the Anima Sola for you to will in further detail with your questions.

Thank you for taking time to read my Blog. Have a blessed day.

Animero Yamil Henriquez

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