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How To Build A Relationship With The Anima Sola.

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

How to develop a realtionship with the Anima Sola:

Many have asked me how do they develop a realtionship with the Anima Sola. That she really does not work for them and she does not really listen to their petition.

We have to ask ourselves what do we know about the Anima Sola in the first place and what is our intentions?

The Anima Sola just like any spirit can see your intentions and the outcomes of situations by dealing with you.

I explain this many times. Before you start petitioning a spirit like the Anima Sola....Get To Know Her.

Study about her. Build a relationship with her. See what are her likes and dislikes. Not just come to her and immediately start asking her to bring back your lover or to give you money. You have to develop yourself mentally, and spiritually with her.

People have a very bad Misconception that she works for everyone and this is not true. She is very selective of who she works with. She observes you more than you think.

Yes the Anima Sola may favor one person from another but it's because she sees right through the person and knows if this person is someone who would do what they have to do, be greatful and be proud to have worked with her.

If you just think that she is a spirit that is just going to take your petition and think that it is her obligation because she is are dead wrong. She has a choice to take work or not like any spirit.

The best way to get to the Anima Sola is by building a relationship with her from Love and Trust.

Love is the best approach because the spirit comes closer to us with it.

Set up a nice little space for her. Print a picture of her and decorate it. You can even customize a nice picture frame for her. Customizing things for spirits brings them closer to us because it slows that creative flow to be expressed the way they like it.

Light her a nice candle. Give her new glass of water. Buy her red apples that she likes (I got to a specific farm when I can to pick them out when they are in season). some sweets, some flowers and prayers. All The Animas Love Novenas.

Do it from a place of love. Not expecting nothing just giving it to her just because you appreciate her, her presence and energy. Sit with her. Meditate with her. She loves the company. Talk with her. Tell her how your day went. You can wake up and give her a nice good morning of gratitude. Drink your coffee with her. That moment of being with her is things she really likes. (Key): Build a personal relationship with her. She is a Spirit Guide.

Build a relationship of trust. Get to know her just like you would a friend or a new mate. The difference between her and people is that she will notice when you go out of your way for her and bring blessings. She is like the partner that will notice all the actions of gratitude and love you express. She will not leave those things unoticed. Know that she is the Anima Sola and there is nothing she can't handle. She will resolve. KEEP YOUR PROMISES WITH HER.

I hope you enjoyed this writting and hope that you have an amazing day.

Animero Yamil

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