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How Can Conversation Benefit You With The Anima Sola?

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

How Can Conversation Benefit you with the Anima Sola?

Hey everyone I pray that you find yourself blessed and in good standings.

One of the best things to do is talk with our spirits. When we make time for them, sit down and just have a good conversation with them we are not only healing but Developing our abilities. For Animeros or Devotees of the Anima Sola or Animas Del Purgatorio, this is one of the most important methods to begin a connection with her/them.

We can meditate and reflect on just her name "Anima Sola" or "Lonely Soul". Meaning that she really appreciates the time spent with her because we are keeping her company. It is an offering that benefits us in so many ways. She is the best set of ears to have and she is very patient with us. Non judgemental and ready to assist us.

Anima sola begins to start opening your psychic abilities and starts speaking to you. This just dosent work with just her but any spirit or guide. With her I just find it to be much quicker and more intense. Communication is something that is very dear to her. The company is something she appreciates and in those times when we feel alone she comes and removes that feeling from you. She reciprocates it back.

Make it an experience!

I love to take these moments everyday and make them an experience. I sit down, get a nice cool glass of water, or coffee, light my stick candle or tea light, light some incense or smoke a cigar and just enjoy the moment. Setting the proper mood opens your Spirituality and makes spirit contact very easy.

Don't hold back!

I just tell her everything. My joys, my worries, and my sorrows. I listen to her as well. She gives amazing Advice. She is so loyal to her Devotees and never judges them.

Anima Sola is the best friend that will never turn her back on you. She wants you to get it all out and she will take your words and start piecing the puzzle together for you. She will guide you and tell you what path you should take. You just have to be very attentive and trust her.

She has the ability to change someone's life.

She will guide you to the best course of action that can stop repetitive patterns that are not conducive to us and our Development. In Espiritismo we learn about these patterns. Just like reincarnation we are faced with situations that we ask ourselves: Why does this keep happening to me? The repeititve cycles we face in this plane.

The Anima Sola is the best in giving us guidance and advice on how to stop them. People assume that she is is just in some prison somewhere but she is a spirit that is always on the path wandering and ready to help. She teaches us how to step out of our torment (Our own Purgatory) and achieve peace. The more we do good for ourselves the more we are also liberating her from her pain. Our happiness becomes hers, our pains becomes hers as well. The Anima sola is in all of us.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Like and share! I pray this helps and gives you peace.

Many blessings!

Purgatory Magic

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