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History Of The Anima Sola

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

As we all know the Anima Sola is a Folk spirit in many parts of Spain, Portugal, Italy and Latin America. Many have a different story to the Anima Sola.

Some see the Anima Sola as Maria Celestina Abdegano, others atrribute her to be important folk figures in many countries in Latin America. For example many will see the Anima Sola and atribute the image that we all know to certain Animas or people who became Animas in a certain town. You will speak to many devotees of the Anima Sola and they will tell you different stories.

Today I will explain the story of the Anima Sola of Maria Celestina Abdegano as told to me by my elders.

(This is how it was told to me and this is the spirit my elders channeled.)

Maria Celestina Abdegano was what they called a pious women of Jerusalem. She was incharge of being a water barrer and give water to the prosioners who were sentenced to crucifixión.

Maria Celestina gave water to the two thieves Gestas and Dimas. When it came to gave Jesús water, she denied to give Jesús water due to the pressure she felt from the Pharaseis and the Romans.

When she denied Jesús water the Maria Celestina was struck with a lightning Bolt and was turned to ashes by Arc Angel Michael. She was condemed to Purgatory to purge herself from her wrong doing, becoming an Anima in Purgatory.

Her chackles: to remind her that she will not be realesed until she has payed her time with her deeds. The chackels in many instances looks like it is about to break. It is to remind her that her freedom is near but she is condemed purgatory until she released in the day of judgment.

The fire is to purge her from her sins and purify her so that when she is released she can enter the kingdom of heaven. The fire also represents the passion and necessity she has to help humanity as well. The fire represents the rápidness of her miracles.

The dungeon is the state of mind of the Anima Sola.

Her arms elevated is her pleasing her release but also praying for those her seek her out.

The white veil is to simboliza that even tho she is in purgatory and did what she did she is still has purity and is a spirit of light.

Arc Angel Michael is very important when it comes to the devotion to the Anima Sola. It is Michael who stands in the door of purgatory to allow the Anima come and go when necessary.

I hope you enjoyed this blog.

Have a blessed and happy Easter.

Here is a link to my YouTube Video regarding the history Of The Anima Sola and bonus info:

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