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Have YOU been affected by a Love Bind (Amarre)?

Have you been affected by a love bind(not t? Many people who visit me or write to me ask me: How do I know if I have been affected by a love spell/binding (amarre)?

I will give you 5 easy ways to know if you have been affected by a Love/Binding (Amarre).

1. Constant Change Of Emotions:

This one right here is the one that many of my clients always come to me with the most. Having constant mood swings. One moment you can be happy the next you can be sad. Ofcourse we have to take into consideration mental health, but If you are someone who dosent have these issues and this starts to happen then you could be someone who has been affected by a love or binding spell. The reason this happens is because the spirits that are petitioned for these sort of trabajos (Work) have to break the target down. If the target is strong, confident, aligned, and secure about themselves. This can cause the work to take longer than expected. So the spirits attack the mind and begin to break the target mentally. Bringing confusión, lack of focus, not being sure about your Mood. A lot of times if you really don't have something to be sad about and you start feeling these emotions, this could be work that could have been done towards you.

2. Nostalgic:

Constant Nostalgia or Reminders is a big red flag. If you are someone that broke up with an ex and you are feeling nostalgic, or have a desperate desire to return back to you ex. This can be a big indicador of having a love/binding spell being done on you. Constant reminders are big red flags. Seeing visuales, hearing constant songs or even hearing a persons name consistantly is a way for the spirit that was petitioned to keep the persons name and reminder in your mind. Even eating or smelling things that can take you to a memory is another way to keep you trapped. Everything from movies to a specific word you name it. This goes hand in hand with the next point I am going to discuss.

3. Dependecy:

One way that a spirit will keep you in a good love bind is to keep you dependent on the person who did such work against you. Many events can happen to keep you in such state of mind You can become extremely codependent on the person that did the love bind. Depending on your circumstance it's what the spirit can use to manipulate the situation. For example if you are someone who struggles with money and the person you were with had more money than you. The spirit that was petitioned will do what it has to do to manipulate your situation so that you find yourself hopeless with money, abundance, and prosperity so you return back to the person who petitioned to spirit to carry out the task. Another case is constant sickness and accidents. You will be ill or hurt and the spirit will suggest consistantly to reach out to the person who sent it to bind you to them. This goes deep but these are good examples of how dependecy can be used against you to return back to your ex or keep you trapped in a unwanted relationship.

4 Dreams:

Dreams are a big indicador of love bind or an amarre being done to you. When we are having constant Dreams with the person who we broke up with or trying to separate from this is a way for the spirit to keep you in constant torment. At times you will have sexual Dreams, Dreams about the person calling you back to them or even see the spirit that they petitoned against you. These Dreams can be pleasant or violent. Regardless it's a form of manipulation to get you to stay in such relationship or return back to your ex lover.

5. Intuition:

If your Intuition is telling you that there could be something wrong and you are not feeling like your normal self follow your gut feeling. Book a reading and get a solution with a knowledegable brujo that knows how to remove these love bind. If the info mention before is resonating follow your Intuition. Majority of the times it's your Spirit Guides or Ancestors that are sounding the red flags. This is when you need a professional to step in and give you the solution to your problem. Denial and not following your gut feeling can make things worse and harder for you to get out of this circumstance.

These are my 5 basic tips to detect or be aware of any love bind done to you. If you find this info useful please share this with anyone who you think might be affected by this. Many blessings and may the Anima Sola protect and bless everyone one of you you.

Animero Yamil Henriquez

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