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Candle Magic With The Anima Sola

When it comes to candle magic with the Anima Sola hands down it is one of the most effective ways to work with her. The Anima Sola looks for Light, Water, and Prayers. The candle gives her the task and guides her to complete that goal. There is a (dicho) or saying that is said about the Anima Sola: She works for her light. Meaning that once we place candles for her with a specific task she will get the work done, but that also means when she gets the work done, she also wants her light (payment).

Types of candles:

Candle Magic is very common through out Latin America when working with Catholic Saints or Folk Saints. Many use 7 day candles and charge them with certain ingredients to inhance the candle and give the petition a task with faster results.

Others will use stick candles, tapper candles, or mold candles and dress them with oils, herbs, powders and other name it, the sky's the limit.

Some like myself will use a pull out candle and inscribe the petition on the candle with certain tools and dress the candle as well. I like to write my intentions on the outside of the candle with a permanent market and place my name on it. It gives the candle a direct connection with me and the Anima Sola.


When you get a candle, the candle should be cleaned and blessed. We always want to make sure we are removing any energy anyone could have left behind or any energy it could have picked up in the store we bought it from. One effective way to clean a candle is with holy water. Others can use a cologne like Florida water or water like orange blossom or rose water. You can rub the candle and say: In the name of the father, son, and holy spirit and in the name of the Anima Sola y consecrated this candle in your name. I remove and dispell any negative energy or attachments from this candle.


When lighting a candle and offering it to the Anima must say it is for her in a tone where it can be heard. This is a very important process when offering candles. When we call spirits like the Anima Sola we must remember that there are other spirits that arrive and they are also in search of light. If we don't say who the candle is for, those spirits take the light for themselves and your petition is not heard or manifesté. This also goes for any offering that you are giving her.


With the Anima Sola it is very important that Our Fathers, Hail Marys, and Glorys to the father are prayed to her. These three prayers recited 5 times each pulls her energy to the candle and altar. Many tell me that when they call her they don't fell her but it's because they don't know the Importance of the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory to the father with the Anima Sola. There also spiritual passes or Pases Espirituales that are done over her spiritual work and candles which I learned to do over her candles. This is a method that brings the power of the Tetagramaton to the Altar and the ritual you are trying to perform. This will bring her and only her to the Altar and remove any trickster spirits that is trying ti come in.

I hope you enjoyed this writting.

Have a blessed week.


Yamil Henriquez.

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