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🔥7 Intranquil Spirits🔥

The 7 Intranquil Spirits are entities that generally act under the command and direct orders of Satan, and invoke when dominance is needed. These spirits are: Frimost, Bechard, Surgat, Silcharde, Guland, Astaroth and Lucifer; and each one of them is in charge of a particular action; that is why there are those who call them through prayers to ask for specific favors.

One of the most common prayers that are usually made to the 7 Intranquil Spirits, are made for love petitions/bindings/domination. This involves the invocation of one of the spirits/demons in particular: Bechard. This is the one who allows a person to have dominance over others through power and seduction techniques, this way to attract specific target/person.

There are even prayers to the 7 intranquil spirits to separate others relationships; as well as getting the love of someone in particular, having her/his interest and keeping him/her by your side in order to establish a new relationship.

In the same way, the requests to these seven spiritual entities can also be focused on the objective of obtaining money and a better economic position.

Surgat, who is the spirituality with the secrets and the knowledge to be able to get the riches easily, is specifically petitioned.

There are people who go to the 7 intranquil spirits to manifest a better money/financial situation, while others make a direct request to Astaroth, who represents good luck and everything that is directly related to it.

Lucifer being one of the 7 has the spirituality that can heal and relieve anyone who asks for it; and at the same time, there are those who pray to him so that diseases cannot invade there body again; keeping them healthy and without any hidden sickness. It is important to note that while this spirituality has the power to heal some, it is also used to make others sick. That is why people who generally go to them do so with two purposes: their own well-being or causing harm to other people through illnesses and diseases.

Likewise, there are different prayers dedicated to these spiritualities and that are made with different purposes, which may vary according to the objective of the person who invokes them; since some can be about healing, obtaining the secrets to improving your luck with games/ gambling or improving your health, but in other cases they are used to cause very serious damage.

Finally, it is evident that there are those who use the power of the 7 Intranquil Spirits to generate their own well-being, which are directly based on their personal interests and, on the other hand, petitions and prayers are also used for the destruction of other people.

Thank you for taking time to read my blog.

Animero Yamil Henriquez

For more info you can also go to my YouTube channel Purgatory Magic.


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