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5 Easy Steps To Develop With The Anima Sola.

Hello everyone, today I wanted to talk about development with the Anima Sola.

Many people ask me how do I develop my spirituality with her so I have easy contact and dreams with her. Well you are in luck my friend.

I am going to show you 5 easy steps to start your development with the Anima Sola. But before I do, I have to let you know. Discipline is necessary. If you want good results you have to have discipline. You get in what you put in. (This is the best advice I can give you).

1. Choice:

You have to know that this is what you want to do. Now in days people go from saint to saint/spirit to spirit like it's nothing. We have make sure that we want to work with the Anima Sola because this spirit is NOT like any other spirit. She can become upset if you petiton her and later cast her aside. That is not advisable (Wantning). If you get bored or just got what you wanted and want it to be flash it dosent work like this. If that is the type of relationship you want with her then establish that from the beginning but many don't and the tear factory begins. Many come to her and fall in love with the image and the idea of being a devotee and then stop. Study about her, talk to other devotees, or book a reading with someone who works with her so a real devotee can tell you If she is right one for you and if it is advisable. This will save you many head aches.

2. Consistency :

Once you have decided to have a devotion to her, you begin your daily devotional practice. This means everyday you will start developing a relationship with her and do your daily prayers and meditation. Don't overwhelm yourself. Start slow. Get the prayers down packed and then do the meditation for 5 minutes and keep going for longer when you are ready. But take your time. This is not a race. Be easy and don't be hard on yourself. She is there and she is listening and seeing your effort. Trust me. Don't give up if you don't feel nothing in the beginning. It took me a while but I never gave up. Also soikg your Monday Devotional with fresh cool watet and white candle. Here is a link to my YouTube Video on prayer the way I do it to start a Devotional with her.

3. Confidence:

Always come to the Anima Sola with Confidence. When you are Confident with yourself she is confident in you. Cofidence brings amazing results. Approaching the Anima Sola with that Confidence brings the spirit closer and the spirit is moved to answer your request or petitions. You can't come to the Anima Sola with fear and lack of self esteem. You want to get things going and have her move for on your Confidence. You will never go wrong. You can see a live a did on IG Live which is called Motivation with the Anima Sola. Know that she will never let you down. Ever! Trust me I know.

4. Love:

The Anima Sola works on the energy of Love. Remember she is a very Loyal spirit. Her mission is your best interest. Always approach her with love. I talk to her with sweetness, love, and boderline flirt....but hey that is my way of being. When I pray I pray with passion. When I give her offerings I set the mood. When I talk to her I let her know how thankful I am and how amazing she is. I call her my queen. You attract bees with Honey. Always come to her in that fashion and she will bring you the world.

5. Loyalty:

Always maintain loyalty to her because she will always be loyal to you. Her loyalty is beyond this world. Her loyalty is also based on keeping your promises with her because she will keep them with you. When you decide to become a devotee you should know this is commitment and it's life long. The Anima expects you to move the same way she moved for you. Keep this in mind.

I pray everyone enjoyed these 5 steps to developing with the Anima Sola. If you more indepth information, you can book a platica or reading.

Have a blessed day.

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